Ryan Meyer is originally from Miami, FL and grew up in New York City. He began working in arts and entertainment at a young age – doing everything from lighting to photography, stage-managing, set-design and building. He is a graduate of SUNY Albany with degrees in both in Theater and Philosophy.

Upon graduating college, Ryan was hired by international fashion guru Christian Lacroix to work in his New York offices, organizing and coordinating major fashion shows and events. It was during that time Ryan began to experiment with his own art and design techniques, including photography, art, clothing and graphic design.

With the need to continuously produce art, Ryan started a theatre company in New York City and successfully produced a number of plays, musicals and performance art pieces. This eventually led to additional work in and TV and film. After getting a taste of what Hollywood had to offer, Ryan decided to “raise the bar” and moved to Los Angeles in 1997.

He started out as a photographer and was hired by various bands including George Clinton, Otep, Mary Mary, Ray Jay and Ciara to photograph performances and aid with publicity efforts. He also gained work handling product shots. It wasn’t long before he got his first job filming on a major motion picture.

While working in the art department on a Rutger Howard film in 1998, the department head asked Ryan to sketch a landscape and an electrician asked if he could apply that design to light. Unsure of how to proceed he took his chances, and started working with the lighting department. He used his natural instincts and the lessons he learned from working with experienced people. With that he has been painting with light, and framing it in a camera.

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