heywhatsyourface has grown gradually from its humble beginnings in 2008 when Ryan Meyer, a gaffer at the time and now a DP, realized the struggles his clients were having in communicating and working with larger rental companies. It was then that he decided to open his own full-service lighting and grip company to better fit the needs of clients with a penchant for new, quality equipment and exceptional customer service.

Ryan went from using his own townhome and car to house and transport the equipment, to buying a station wagon and then a 3-ton truck. His home could no longer house the new gear he was accumulating, so he rented a storage unit. Soon enough two storage units were needed. By this time, heywhatsyourface was making a name for itself in the Los Angeles film industry as a rental house that was friendly and accommodating for any sized job.

In the beginning of 2011, Ryan opened a fully functional, 4,000 square foot warehouse in North Hollywood. Since then, heywhatsyourface has not only continued to grow exponentially as a grip and lighting rental house, but has also served as a spacious and convenient establishment for clients to film.

Grant Linden came to California from Iowa in 2012 to pursue a career as an actor. He started with heywhatsyourface soon thereafter and has grown with the company. Today, Grant is the house foreman. He oversees the warehouse and works directly with clients to meet all of their needs in a friendly and efficient manner. Grant continues to work as an actor and is afforded the flexibility to do so while overseeing the shop.

Candi Trujillo-Mitchell started off working part time for heywhatsyourface as the accountant and rental manager in August 2014 and moved over full-time in February 2015. She is a staple of the company and helps everything run smoothly. She came to Los Angeles from Oregon in 1991. The very first job Candi got was at a transportation company for the motion picture industry. They did production vans, generators and honey wagons. She started as a billing clerk, soon worked her way up to be assistant accountant and then, after about 2 years, she became the accountant for the owner’s first location. They merged companies and she moved on. Since then Candi has worked as a controller, collections specialist, full charge bookkeeper and rental agent for several rental houses. She helped run a lighting and grip company for 8 years. The owner was always away filming so it was up to her and her then-husband to deal with everything where that company was concerned. In 2009, she ventured off on her own to do bookkeeping independently for people in the motion picture industry. She has worked for Luka, A&M, Big Picture Soundstage, GFS Repairs, Hollywood Rentals, Saunders Electric, Leonetti, Cinemobile, Lighthouse, and Sequoia Illumination.

Together, we are here to help you with all of your grip and lighting needs. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients leave happy and return knowing they are getting excellent customer service, top-notch gear and 100% effort, no matter the size of the job.