Hey... Here is our rental process

We are very excited to work with your team and want your rental to go as smoothly as possible. Below are the forms we will need to set you up in our accounting system and get your gear out the door without any delays.


1. Rental Agreement:
  • Must be signed by an authorized agent of the production.
    • If this is a co-production the company providing the COI MUST sign the Rental Agreement.
  • The COI must be received no later than 3pm the day BEFORE your gear is scheduled to leave the shop.  Please make sure the COI has our 7729 Burnet Ave address.
    • If this is a co-production we will need a letter from the company providing the COI stating they are co-producing the project.
  • Please note that we cannot allow a rental to leave the premises without the appropriate coverages and we will need time to confirm that the COI is legitimate.
2. Credit Card Authorization:
  • Credit Card Authorization – We do not offer payment terms to production company’s as a general rule; all rentals are prepaid.
  • There is a 3% charge applied for payment by credit card.  We do accept checks as payment, however the check must be received in our office prior to the gear leaving our premises.
3. Client Contact Form:
  • This is the form we use to set you up in our accounting system.
4. Signed W9 Form:
  • Please give to Accounting

Restocking Fee Notice:  We reserve the right to charge a fee equal to 35% of your quoted rental amount for orders cancelled within 12 hours of call time.  If production is unable to provide the appropriate insurance coverages by the time the gear is loaded and ready to leave our premises a Restocking Fee will absolutely apply.